IDXF psychedelic Research Report #1: LSD 200 microgram

dear reader, I am not a good writer, I will try to improve this report in the next days

start 11-10-2020 18:00 until about 12-10-2020 06:00

location at home, with girlfriend and son in the house

learned that applying focus and concentration on a subject is very important

i bought the last beer with a very special banknote

everything is one and that is why in the end with decisions it does not matter so much what you choose

the feeling that I can see whatever I want (like a specific number sequence on a banknote)

the experience that you can see everything in the way you want, for example ugly or beautiful

the feeling that I need to get in contact with Paul Stamets

several deja-vu situations, where I had the feeling that I experienced certain situations before

I went in and out of reality in waves

feeling that I can determine the result of a situation

alternating feeling of cold and hot

about 45 minutes after ingestions I started to feel very warm and moved to a room with air conditioning

I had a reality anchor in the form of a spot on my underlip

when I was speaking with my son and girlfriend I had a strong feeling that I was actually talking to myself, that this all was a play, and that all is one and that feeling was weird, to feel that it’s all a play

I tried to teach myself to drink the last beer. I went to a shop, I bought with a very special banknote my last can of beer and I enjoyed this beer. I imagined that it was the most delicious beer in the universe, and it became just that. After drinking it, I taught my brain that there is no use in drinking more beer, as I had just drank the most delicious beer in the universe and in reality I would never get the same taste of beer again

about 1 hour before the trip I had a good meal (thai food)

a feeling that I do not have to give any explanation to people in normal reality

every time during the trip when I thought that I should write some things down, I was unable to do it. I took my pencil and as I pressed the pencil on the paper I felt like that this is of no use to try to describe experiences in words. Apart from that I had the feeling that I should stay present and writing would only be a distraction from the present

feeling that I need to take better care of my body (good food, reduce alcohol), even though in the end it does not really matter, but that also not means actively destroying or not taking care of my body

feeling that I did not want to be alone, I asked my girlfriend to stay near and not go to far away from me. Her being in the kitchen, in eyesight, just 8 meters away felt like to far away

I set an intention to reduce my normal reality habit of scratching myself out of nervousness

during the trip I drank a lot of water, I think about 2 liters, it felt comfortable in my mouth

hours before the trip me and my girlfriend had good sex

imagined number on the special banknote was 22 33 555, and the banknote was all shiny, many different colors, it looked like a million dollar banknote, even though it was a 1 dollar equivalent banknote. (50 thai baht, blue color)

at a certain point in the trip my girlfriend asked me to watch our son for a couple of minutes while she was in the kitchen (in eyesight) cooking. I held my son, but he felt so soft that I asked my girlfriend to come and take him, because I was so afraid that I would accidentally hurt him, because he felt so soft