The Truth is the opposite of everything you have learned. Things are not as they seem nor as you have been led to believe. Thinking is not your normal state. Personal involvement is not your natural state. Even something as ‘sacred’and elevated as what you call ‘love’is not your natural state. Trying, caring, longing, desiring, having beliefs, having opinions, needing to defend those positions, needing anything at all; none of these are your original nature, your true being. All these are learned, conditioned behaviors, hypnosis to keep you asleep in the dream. The conditioning goes so deep you think it is your true nature, but I assure you it is not. Go back. Your Self is prior to everything that you think you know is true or real.

Quote is from the book: David Carse – Perfect Brilliant Stillness

This is pure Love; neutral, unidentified. The nature of this Love is that it cannot be contained and it pours out of itself in itself. What I call the Outpouring. It spills out, overflows, as it were. This Love is unimaginable and there is hesitation to refer to it even as love. It is fierce, power, intensity, peace, glory, burning Brilliance. Completely and totally overwhelming to the human experience and the human capacity to comprehend.

Quote is from the book: David Carse – Perfect Brilliant Stillness

Do not judge the questioning or the longing, the seeking or the sadness, the impatience or the resistance, the opening or the letting go. It is all the perfect unfolding as it is: only watch it and know you are not that. You are Loving Awareness in which all this arises. You are Quiet Compassionate Space in which the life that you think of as ‘yourself’ unfolds.

This quote is from the book: David Carse – Perfect Brilliant Stillness

What has been important over the long evolutionary time lines, and still is, is not any particular organism or any particular period of life expression or any particular form life on this planet takes or has ever taken, but simply the continuance of the self-organized system itself. The form it takes is irrelevant to the system, the only crucial foundational aspect is continued self-organization. The various forms that have emerged over the lifetime of Gaia are innovations designed to maintain homeodynamis and to carry out the ecological functions
that help it to do so.

Quote is from the book: Stephen Harrod Buhner – Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm: Beyond the Doors of Perception into the Dreaming of Earth