5-MeO-DMT can be synthesized in a lab, and can also be found in the venom of the Sonoran desert toad.


M has a high-precision scale for 5-MeO-DMT that can measure accurately in milligrams. With this substance every milligram matters, and just a few milligrams difference can provide a total different experience. M started with 5 milligram, and then slowly over multiple sessions went up in 3 milligram increments. M treats this is substance with a lot of RESPECT.


There are various methods to use 5-MeO-DMT. M vaporizes the freebase version and inhales the vapor OR M dissolves the salt version of 5-MeO-DMT and does rectal administration.

M does not eat or drink 2 hours before taking this substance in that way the stomach is empty and M will not choke in vomit in case M gets unconscious and vomits. It’s also comforting to know going into this session that M is safe regarding this, no worries means a better focus on the experience. M also empties bowels 2 hours before a session and M takes a shower before the session.

45 minutes before a session, M slices a large coin sized piece of ginger root, and dices it as small as possible and then chews on it for a while before swallowing it. This step is essential, it will prevent any nausea during a session.

M‘s preferred method of taking 5-MeO-DMT is via plugging, in other words rectally. There are 2 versions of 5-MeO-DMT, and depending on the version, there is a slight different way to prepare.

  1. freebase: add the freebase to a very little container, add a few drops of vinegar (5%) to convert the freebase to a salt and to dissolve it.
  2. salt (HCl): add a few drops of water, just enough to dissolve it, not too much. You want to have as little fluid as possible.

Then M takes a 1ml syringe without a needle and uses this syringe to suck up the fluid. Usually, the amount of fluid is just about at the 1 mark of this 1ml syringe, which has about 10 markings.

Then M adds a little rubber band around the 3 mark of the syringe. This is so that M can feel when the 3 mark has been reached when the syringe is slowly pushed into the anus. This distance is very important, because if it is too deep, the liquid will come out in the rectum, which will result in a lighter experience. And if M does not put it deep enough, it will not have a strong effect.

The area with the most absorption is located in the anal canal, starting approximately 1.5 – 2.8 cm before the exit and continuing on in for another 1 or 2 cm. That’s where the real magic can happen.

M adds a bit of water based lubricant on the syringe and on the outside of M‘s anus, and then slowly and painlessly pushes it in until M feels the rubber band at the edge of the anus. Then slowly M will push the plunger in steps. M takes some time for this, at least a minute or two. Little pushes on the plunger until all liquid has been released. Then M slowly take out the syringe.

M feels the first effects starting to come up within 5 minutes. M can stand or sit, it does not matter, the fluid will not drip out. Usually, M stands or sit in lotus position until M starts to feel it come up and then M will relax and lay down on his back.


Taken rectally, the sessions starts within about 5 minutes and what follows is a 30 minutes intense experience, and following that a 1 to 2 hours ligher experience.


There seem to be no tolerance when M does daily sessions.


No known side effects at this time.


At the moment (December 2022) M orders research chemicals at: https://realchems.net