M is using Cannabis for consciousness exploration.


M does not smoke, M eats the cannabis flower. Before M eats the cannabis, M does decarboxylation by putting the flower on a tray in the oven at 115 degrees Celcius / 240 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. Afterwards M grinds the flower to a powder.


0.05 gram – 0.15 gram per session


M grows cannabis for own consumption. The most important reason for this is that M eats the cannabis instead of smoking, and M does not want to ingest any pesticides.

Rules that M follows for cannabis growing:

  1. only grow from seed (no clones)
  2. plant 1 seed every week, and always a different strain, which results in having at any given time 10 to 15 different plants/strains in the garden
  3. maximum pot size 1 gallon
  4. only worm castings and bat guamo as fertilizer
  5. no pesticides
  6. topping after 5th node
  7. only outdoor growing


M buys high quality cannabis seeds at